The real making of a site

Leroy Merlin

For the launch of their new website, Leroy Merlin briefed us to generate buzz around this special occasion. We needed a campaign that grabbed their statement of owning all the materials and all the aid needed in order to build anything... so we thought, if that is your claim, let us take that statement to its maximum. let's build your new homepage. Literally.

We had to replace our coding team for carpenters, the CSS team for painters and the designers for craftsmen. Twenty three brave Leroy Merlin coworkers came forth to embrace the project. It took us two weeks alone to go through the forty thousand articles in the inventory and to come up with the over five thousand single pieces that were used in the building of the new portuguese homepage. The letters aren't typed, they're electrical wires, screws and bolts. The screen is definitely touchable, it was made out of wood boards. Buttons and links are real chairs and pots and cabinet. It took us four days of assembling and shooting to get the end result. In the meantime we assured no forklifts were harmed during the making of the film. And so this was how our team measured, glued, tapped, hammered, painted, sprayed and built and yes, we nailed it!